What is Muscular Dystrophy?

Muscular dystrophy is the progressive wasting and weakening of the muscles.?

Eventually the person becomes dependant on a wheelchair and similar aids.

At the moment there is no treatment or cure.

The real hope for affected families lies in medical research. Muscular dystrophy presents an enormous challenge to medical scientists and researchers the world over. And they do hope that one day treatments will be delivered.





Non-Governmental Organisation "Everest" started because of dissatisfaction with the situation which society offers to people with disabilities.

Our aims are to:

  • secure equal rights and possibilities and to integrate these people into society;
  • promote public awareness about neuromuscular diseases;?
  • create a basis for independent living;
  • improve their condition of health and well-being;
  • render humanitarian and material aid to families with low income or to people who are not able to earn a living themselves because of their health condition by attracting? commercial, charitable and other means of support.

The organisation covers three age-groups: children, teenagers, and adults. Each group has special needs and potentials, depending on the stage and form of the disease.

The organisation provides support in the following areas for individuals and their families who are affected by neuromuscular conditions:

  • medical and rehabilitation support
  • Genetic counseling at the City Medico-genetic Center, Tobolskaya, 5, St.Petersburg
  • diagnostic services - Laboratory of Prenatal Diagnosis
  • expert clinical care, practical guidance, medication and medical equipment
  • psychological support to families
  • humanitarian aid for families with low income .
  • information support (medical, legal, the latest update on research, advice and contacts with other families - abroad and in Russia, etc)

The attitudes and prejudices of the society to people with disabilities (and vice a versa) may be a great barrier to the development of an individual. Our task is to break this barrier as human life is of priceless,? no matter whether you are disabled or not.

To fulfill all these tasks an adequate transport infrastructure, the banning of architectural barriers and the discrimination against people with disabilities in the fields of education and employment is needed, with a sound financial basis.


The way to the top of Everest is long and hard and one should be terribly strong and have endurance to climb the mountain taking one height after another.

The organisation relies on voluntary donations to carry out its work.

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