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In 1994 I was part of the BBC TV's "That's Life!" Ann Mackey's Russia Appeal, when 250 British volunteers in one week renovated the wards, rebuilt operating theatres to 'western' standards, and installed two intensive care units at the Komso Children's Hospital in St.Petersburg, Russia.


Built in 1887 as an orphanage for the poorer element of society, the building has always been connected with caring for people. After the October Revolution in 1917 some of the State Institutions remained there, and during the Second World War the building was used as a military hospital.

Pictured is a corridor before and after renovation.

In 1947 it was adapted to fulfil the role of a 1000 bed regional hospital, and in 1988 the Regional Children's Hospital became an independent 385 bed public health institution to cater for children of all ages who live in the 88,500 km� St.Petersburg oblast.

One of the many walls needing extensive repairs, and an operating theatre annex.

Over 350,000 children under 14 years of age are cared for by small local and central hospitals. Patients needing specialised diagnostic methods, difficult operations and treatments, complex medical or therapeutic management are referred to the Regional Children's Hospital from medical institutions, district health centres or poly clinics.

Old operating theatres................................. operating theatre and intensive care unit

The hospital is looking forward to opening departments to care for children with genetic and physical abnormalities, and an intensive care unit for premature and new-born babies has recently been opened.

A computer system, and the development
of therapeutic low-level laser irradiation
treatment for certain medical conditions
features highly in the hospital's future plans.

Unfortunately these plans are taking longer to implement, because of the costs of medical equipment, drugs etc. increase at a rate faster than the state investment, which also affects the progress of medical research and practices.

The other problems are a shortage of reagents for imported test equipment, diagnostic equipment, laboratory equipment, monitors, respirators and modern computers with medical and statistical programmes.

The Komso Children's Hospital adopted its name from Komsomolo Ulitsa, the Street on which the hospital stands.

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