A hospital is a lonely place
for an 11 year old orphan!

Olga, who has bravely undergone several severe operations alone, in her fight against cancer, was presented with a birthday cake, 'Barbie' dolls and accessories by Russian Relief. These were the first birthday presents she had received.

She arrived in hospital, in March, just before her
11th birthday, to face chemo-therapy and a bone marrow transplant over the next 6 months.


Get well cards were sent by children from a school in New Jersey, USA, when they heard of her plight. It is hard to imagine what thoughts are going through her head, and she has no shoulder to cry on.
A brave? little girl who has been given fresh hope for the future.

Professor Eleonora and
some of the transplant
unit staff


Russian Relief? covered Olga's specialised 6 month treatment, ensuring that she had the vital medicines, diet and care during this difficult time.?
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You can find more information about the St.Petersburg Regional Children's Hospital at https://russialink.org.uk/homepages/k4k.htm??y