Dana Ahmedova


19� (1999)


125 lbs.� 57kg


5 9� 1.66m

Marital status:

Not married

I am a very beautiful, sincere, sexual young woman with dark hair and brown eyes. I live with my family, that is, my mother, my father and my brother. My brother is 9 years old. I am not married and have not any children. I have a complete secondary education. I am a director of the theatre collective, and like to dance very much. Since childhood I was occupied with dancing. I always dreamed to be an actress. I like the countryside and watch the stars. I like ice-cream, flowers and soft toys, very much. I like children and I dream to have a family. I can drive. My two dreams are to visit many foreign countries and to jump by a parachute.� I am friendly and warm-hearted and try to help other people, as much as is possible. I have a good sense of humour and like happy men. I can perfect cook and bake and do this with pleasure. I appreciate cosy house. I look in the man kindness, sincerity, tenderness. I don't like dull persons. I hope, that my letter would not be left without answer and I wait it patiently.

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