Inna Tchukhlebova


21 yo


130 lbs� 59kg


5 5� 1.65m �� (90-66-97)


Bachelor of Humanities specializing in
Engilish and German

I'm a grey-eyed naturally brown-haired girl eager to alter my way of living which lacks pleasant excitments and adventures according to my way of thinking which abounds in sweet dreams and brightness.
I agree that constancy is a sign of
limitation (not in love indeed). I hate the bread-and-butter routine that starts absorbing me. I am looking for a rescuer who will put on me the pink glasses of love and convince me the wonders exist.

Am I romanticizing? In case I am dare I hope I am not alone.
It is rather a creative and promising beginning,is not it? I am really creative
whatever I may take up. At least I try to be. I aspire to create comfort and
cosiness in everything and I am for purity in all its manifestations. In my life I observe the rule - Treat people in the way you want to be treated.
To be continued (if you wish).

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