Natasha Yermakova

Year of Birth:

24 yo. (15 July 1974)


143 lbs� 65kg


5 9� 1.75m


Graduate from the Philological faculty of the University


Teacher at a secondary school

I am dark-haired, with grey eyes and slender. I like gymnastics, visiting the gymnasium 2 - 3 times a week.
I am rather quiet and calm in character; I like home and family.
As far as my interest and hobbies are concerned, it depends in what spirit I am in, I can sew some dresses for myself, draw a picture or make some small thing.
I also like cooking, though I don't mind reading an interesting book.
I could never stop dreaming. I can overcome everything, go through all the difficulties and hardships so that my dreams might come true, so that nothing could destroy my fairy castle. To see the ocean is one of my dreams. Just imagine a wonderful white house on the coast and two people on the veranda: he and she. It's so pleasant to drink coffee looking at the sun setting on the horizon, in the place the ocean and the sky unite.
And what could be better but a strong, friendly family A tender, loving husband and merry, healthy children. The wife is at the window with a baby in her arms, and the husband, tired but happy,� approaching the house in hurry ready to embrace their elder son running towards him.
To love and to be loved - it's great!
And how can I imagine my future husband?! He can love and� understand, be faithful, reliable, supportive, quiet, a person who can become everything to me.

I hope that I shall meet you.

I am not against a tall, dark-eyed brunette, a knight on a white horse. (I suppose you understand that I am joking).

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