Svetlana Samoilova




150 lbs� 68kg


5 9� 1.77m

Marital status:

Not married


Graduate Institute of Culture, St.Petersburg




English (not good)

I look young, attractive. I'm honest, intelligent, good character, kind, feminine, never married no kids, n/smoker, easy-going, with sense of humor.
Would like to get acquainted with man to 45 yrs, financially stable, vigorous, kind, no bad habits for marriage. I want to have children.
My hobbies: Sometimes I like to take part in a fashion show, I like to work as model, but it isn't serious. I'm interested literature, theatre, cinema, music, sport. My favorite sport -- sportdance (aerobika) and step-aerobika. My dream is to learn English I began only to studymyself. I already understand English a little, especially if you'll write. l don't like to quarrel and� like Iaugh.

Every summer I work in a orphanage. It is in the forest, it is very beautiful! There I work with children who haven't parents. This is difficult but l like the work.
Please write in Russian or English with photos.

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