Luba Shishkina


35� (1964)


143 lbs� 65kg


5 7� 1.70m

Marital status:



Son 6 y.o.


Higher education

I graduated from the Shipbuilding Institute. For 5 years I worked as a programmer and a technical translator at the Shipbuilding Company.

Now I have my guiding and interpreting business and private tutoring (English language). I know English fluently, also French, studying German and Italian. I have also degrees in business and computers. I like language studies, books, theatre, travelling and housekeeping.

As foreign tourists say they have never seen any other city of the world which looked liked Saint Petersburg, the city having its own face. Because of the abundance of water and because the city is opened to its waterways it is often called �North Venice�. And if one day youll make your mind to visit our city I can be your guide and show you the places of interesting, tell its history and show museums, the high-lines of painting and sculpture. I am fond of Hermitage museum, which is the second largest in the world after Louvre.

I dont smoke, dont drink, and dont use drugs. I am sincere and tender, kind and open-hearted. I like comfortable house and though I like to travel, I am very attached to my home.

The only thing I lack is a man to whom I wont be afraid to give my heart and my love, whom I could trust, feeling his �strong shoulder� next to me and, for sure, who strives to mutual understanding and love so that nothing would keep us from gaining all the best from life and love.

I would like him to be intellectual, preferably 35-45 y.o., kind, honest, generous, who loves children, and believes in true love and romance.

If you would like to use Luba's services, please send an email.

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