Natalya Flegontova


42� (June 4, 1957)


110 lbs� 53kg


5 3� 1.61m

Marital status:



Son� 16 y.o.


Higher education

I'm an Orthodox Christian, and work as a teacher of language and arts.

My interests include theatre, music. literature, travel, cooking, gardening and nature.

I am cordial, sociable, very kind, attentive and caring, and do not smoke.�

I have reasonable English know some Polish.

I would like to become acquainted with a man up to 65 years of age who appreciates humour, is decent, not greedy, reliable and kind. It does not matter if you have children, about� your religion or if you smoke.

You should be Caucasian and living in US, Canada, Australia or Western Europe.

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