Irina Zakhartchenko


43� (1999)


132 lbs� 60 kg


5 3� 1.60m

Marital status:


I'm fluent in English & German.� Born under star sign Libra (Venus Kind), I'm intelligent, very romantic, honest, open; inquisitive, tolerant, a good mixer, with a good sense of humour, cordial & friendly, hospitable, a true friend & partner (a feminine "Forrest Gump" == a true heart) reliable, may be a bit naive,
sentimental and sensitive, tender, sensual, passionate in love, exact, industrious,
thorough, a good housewife: economic, clean, quick.

I enjoy wandering, travelling, jogging, reading, music & the arts, dancing,
singing, baking. I'm open for everything new (eager to learn), feel young, have a genuine Russian soul. My motto is "Money can't buy me love". The most important things for me in life are mutual understanding, sympathy, faithfulness and love.

Material security is also important but love feelings play the main role. I believe in traditional family values and very much hope to live the rest of my life in love and
devoted to the man who I love and respect, and who loves and respects me. I hate lies and treachery.

I see my future partner as an intelligent, honest, inquisitive, reliable, industrious
man, believing in traditional family values without bad habits. Very good if he is
interested in Russia or the Russian language. In a word - a normal, good, not lazy man from 45 to 65. For me it is important your young soul spirit.

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