Olga Romanuk


42� (1999)


147 lbs� 67kg

Marital status:



Sons� 17 y.o. and 13 y.o


Higher education

My eyes are green-blue. I have high education. I am working at� atomic Electric Station as a master of laboratory.
I am in good shape. I like theatre, music, hiking, fishing and also I like to prepare cookies, cakes and sandwiches. I am learning language and in 1999 (January) I'll graduate Law University (second education). I not married, but I have two sons. My oldest son is 17 and younger is 13. I do not want to be alone. I'm a high-minded, serious and unusual woman. Some years ago I was a good sportsman. I was fond of basketball, volleyball, hiking and dancing. All people around me think that I'm a very strong woman, but it is not so, I want to take care about a good man who will be a good friend. He mustn't be a superman, but must love me and my children, and I his.

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