Alla Chudnaya


33� (1999)


112 lbs� 51kg


5 2� 1.56m

Marital status:



Daughter 13 and son� 9 y.o.

I live in the Tumen Region.I am fair-haired with green eyes. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, has begun study English.�
I work as the expert in public service. I'm educated, intellectual, sociable, with sense of humour and I can support any conversation.
I'm a nice, pretty, sexy woman, I want to be liked and is ready to
present the love and caress to chosen one.

I am romantic, love to travel, to find out new things, to have a rest at beautiful coast. I love long trips on the automobile. I am able to knit, to cook tasty and prepare. I plant room plants, I dream of the perfect
garden. I do not drink, I do not smoke. I live a healthy image of
life, I am engaged in shaping, play in badminton, volley ball. I am
attracted by reading the books, magazines, study of the computer.
I shall get acguainted for creation of family with a nice, kind and strong man able to hold the world which can love and wants to receive in the answer love and fidelity.
With best wishes to you, Alla.
Excuse me for mistakes in my letter.

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