Marina Chernova


33� (1999)


114 lbs� 52kg


5 3� 1.59m

Marital status:



Son� 12 y.o.

I'm a slender and charming woman. I have dark-brown hair and brown eyes. . I have graduated from University and work at the bank. I am interested in English and visit the courses of English language.
As for my character I am a cheerful, sincere, kind, faithful and clever woman. I have a good sense of humour.� I am careful mother and I like children very much. Also I am fond of animals. I am interested in theatre, art, poetry, foreign literature, and classic music. I like travelling and resting out of doors. I keep the house well. I hope to acquaint with a kind-hearted, generous man, a real gentleman. I'd like we'll have much in common.

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