Natalia Bespalova


36� (1999)


119 lbs� 54kg


5 4� 1.62m

Marital status:



Son� 2 y.o.

I'm a beautiful, elegant, graceful Russian lady, I have grey eyes and blond curly hair.
My profession is lawyer. Now I work as legal expert in a government organisation. Also I am a lecturer at the economic college. Before I was The legal adviser in the sphere of business.
I have got two wonderful sons: 17 and 11 years old. They are big friends for me. We live together in the big north city. I support my family by myself.
I am romantic, intelligent, tactful, sexual and tender, with sense of humor. I have � various interests. I like sea, mountains, nature, art, music, traveling, all of new and mysterious things. I am interested in� history, oriental doctrines, poetry. I learn English, now I speak English a little.� I can cook well. If I have enough time, I make needlework or fancy-work.
My point of view on marriage is traditional. It is simply necessary for me a reliable, kind and clever husband, leader. I'll be for him the most devoted friend, mistress and
wife. If he has a child, I shall love his child as well, as my own.
Write in English or in Russian please.

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