Irina Trigoub


31� (1968 Aries)


147 lbs� 67kg


5 9� 1.75m

Marital status:



Daughter 8 y.o.

Information about myself:

I have brown eyes and long brown hair, don't smoke, and indifferent to alcohol.

I have a college education and work as a manager, with a reasonable level of English, and follow the Christian religion.

By nature, I'm a very sociable person. I appreciate cosiness, but I adore noisy splashes of emotions in the company of my nearest and dearest at the same time. I love the sun and the sea, and like swimming and travelling � Also I'm fond of also video and photography. I am told that I am a beautiful and intelligent lady.

I have a wonderful daughter, who is very similar to me. Her name is Oksana, she was born 4 October, 1990. Oksana studies at 3rd form. She is very nice, kind and lively girl. In spite of my divorce, I'm sure I'll be happy and be able make happy somebody, whom I'll meet and love someday. I want to love and be loved, I'd like to have a family, where there is love, understanding, respect and confidence in tomorrow. It is very important for me.

I would like to meet a tall (from 180cm) white man, aged 30-50. I and my daughter miss a strong, intelligent, honest, financially secure and responsible� man, who would be my husband and a father for Oksana, and we are striving for that!!!

Please, write me with photo.

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