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I moved to Moscow one year ago. I work in one of the Russian oil and gas companies as a translator and secretary. I was born in Ukraine (it was one of the republics of the former Soviet Union). When I was seven my parents moved to Western Siberia, they still live there. I graduated from the Tyumen State University (Tyumen is a capital of the region in Western Siberia). In the University I studied English, Literature, History, French and other subjects. According to
my education I'm an English teacher but I never worked as one. I started my career working in one of the Russian oil-producing joint-stock companies as a secretary and interpreter to the president of the company. I had a great opportunity to travel a lot. I have been to the States, where I spent 6 months studying English in a private diplomatic language school in Washington D.C.
In my free time (I don't have much of it due to my work) I like to go to the theatres, movies, night clubs, art exhibitions. I also like to visit historical places, museums. I like to read books on History and detective stories. One of my favourite things is travelling. Usually every X-mas I travel abroad, I want to know more about other countries, their cultures and traditions. Last Christmas I've been to Budapest, I visited the Parliament, the Chain Bridge, the National Opera and many other interesting places. The reason I gave my add is to find a close friend or a husband. In Russia people get married very early at 20-23 years old and when I was at that age I was focused on my education and my
career. Besides I've lived for a long time in a small town, the majority of its population is middle-aged people with families.

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