Vera Gridina


49� (01.01.1950)


138 lbs� 63kg


5 3� 1.60m

Marital status:



Daughter� 25 y.o. (independent)


Higher engineering-technical

I was born in year of "tiger". I don't smoke.� My eyes color grey-green, hair color light.
I work in the administration of state factory, job title is engineer-designer.
I like spring, nature and the smell of flowers, the comfort of warm home and souls.

This is my interests: my little dog, the videocamera and my courses in bioenergy.
I hope to meet white man, for possible marriage, similar age, with higher education, intelligent, tall, well-off and generous, non smoker. A considerate and darling man. I am hopeless romantic.
Where shall I meet you, my foreign "prince on the red sails"? I have been waiting you for very ages. Excuse me for my poor English.

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