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5 4� 1.64m

Marital status:



Daughter 9 y.o.


Higher education

I'm intelligent.honest, frank. My daughter's name is Olga.
I am a sanitary inspector. I work at the State Sanitary Epidemiological Control Centre. When our director is absent, I act as a director. I am a highly qualified specialist. I like my job very much.
I support my family - me and my daughter. I take some extra work to provide my daughter with a good education. I am considered to be a reliable and responsible person. I am always as good as my word. I know what I want and try to achieve my purposes. I'm emotionally stable, friendly, polite. I hate quarrels and conflicts, always try to avoid them. I appreciate trusting relations.
I have a small house with modern conveniences. I'm always very busy, but still I never forget about my house. I like to keep it clean and cosy. Comfort and cosiness in the house are important for me. I like my house and always come home full of joy.There is a garden, a kitchen-garden, and a flower-garden near my house. I grow some vegetables, fruits and berries. But my favourite occupation is growing flowers. I grow all kinds of flowers. They flower from early spring till late autumn.
Another hobby of mine is reading books. My favourite authors are Arthur Hailey, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Somerset Maugham, John Galsworthy, Franzoise Sagan, Jerome K. Jerome, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins and some others. I am fond of detective stories and poetry too. I like to travel very much. My daughter and I travelled about Russia. But we have never been abroad. It's our dream to visit other countries.I like swimming, cycling, skiing, walking on foot. I like the sea, the forest, mountains. I am an explorer by nature.
I am fond of children. I am on good terms with my daughter. We are best friends. I enjoy spending my free time with her. We share some interests. We like to play computer games, chess, go in for sport, watch TV. We are fond of different puzzles.Like me, Olga likes Nature. She is very kind and sociable. Olga has many friends. She likes animals. We have a dog, a cat and a parrot.My daughter and I are buoyant and optimistic, have sense of humor. We like holidays. Our favourite holiday is Christmas, but we don't belong to any religious sects.
I am short-sighted and use lenses. My sign of the Zodiac is Archer, and I was born in the year of Tiger.I am romantic and that is why sometimes I feel lonely because I have no man to share joys and difficulties of life with. A man who can be a father for my daughter. I will enjoy taking care of a man whom I'll respect and love. I think the woman's role is to keep positive psychological microclimate in the family so that every member of the family feels attention, care, sincere warmth and kindness. I am ready to give up my career to take care of my family, I would like to meet a white man up to 55, educated, intelligent, honest, frank, reliable, responsible, kind, optimistic, somewhat attractive, strongly-built, financially independent, well-to-do. The most important thing for me is the man's soul and not the colour of his eyes and hair.
Please, write to me if you do not abuse alcohol and drugs, Christian - but do not belong to any religious sects; do not have inclination to sexual perversions; like children; come to the conclusion, that I'm the woman you would like to meet and that you are the man I would like to meet and be happy with.
I think that it is difficult to understand a person having little information about him, so please, write about yourself in details. I'll be grateful if you send me your photo. You are welcome to ask any questions you are interested in. I'll be glad to answer.
I know English not well enough. I have been studying it only for a month. I wrote this letter using dictionaries and some reference material. Excuse my possible mistakes in the letter.

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