Evgeniya Chirkina


38� (1999)


132 lbs� 60kg


5 5� 1.64m

Marital status:



2 daughters 15 and 10 y.o.


Higher education

I have blond hair, grey-green eyes.
I am divorced and have two remarkable, beautiful and clever daughters.

I look much younger than I am.
I study English language and have a higher education.

I do not smoke, and am kind, attractive, charming, feminine, faithful and sincere. I can drink a glass of good wine in intimate surroundings or at an evening-party.
A woman is a mystery, she can be, depending on the various circumstances, sexual, excitable, calm, pleasant, respectful and loving. I can listen to others, enjoy analytical wit, I'm attentive, polite, emotional, very tactful, frank and cheerful.
I can quickly see the situation and take people as they are. I can easily find common language with them. I have excellent taste and like and know how to create a comfortable home. I like to travel, be surrounded by nature and water, have a picnic. I am optimist with a sense of humour, rich in courage, respectful to people, their traditions and their little weaknesses, except treachery.
I am very romantic. I like a flowers, kisses and kindness. I have an ocean of love. I like a warm big bed in the cold or rain, and passionate embraces with my� favourite man.
I like good cinema, music, theatre, concert, dancing, going to the restaurant and shopping, sun and beach; and also salads, soft and pressed (red and black) caviar, squid, fried halibut and sazan, boiled maize or borsch. I like to go for drive in the car, play computer games or go to the simulators, swimming and other sports.
I'd like to learn about other cultures and traditions. I can quickly catch knowledge and have a big desire to learn much. My dream is to see all the world my eyes. I agree to give birth a baby, and live abroad, I can change faith.
I want to love you and you love me. These feelings must to be mutual. I want to share grief and joy with a husband.� I looking for good husband, friend and lover, kind, faithful, romantic, liberal, well financially provided for. It is necessary, that he can provide for me and my children a deserving future in life. You must like kids and respect for me as woman and as person.
I don't like rude, greedy and wicked people. I wait for you as my only one! First acquaintance will be at your home. This information is for man, who lives in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand or Brazil.

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