Marina Chaplygina


24� (1999)


134 lbs� 61kg


5 8� 1.72m

Marital status:



Daughter 3 y.o.


Higher education

I have dark hair, brown eyes.
I'm familiar with the English language, and have an incomplete higher education. I'm interested in phychology, philosophy and astrology.
I'm a good cook. I like my house to be cosy and clean.
I like to paint, and model in clay and snow. I enjoy reading good books and going to the theatre, fishing and boating, dancing and travelling. I love nature and music. I'm a good-mixer. I have an individual romantic style of dressing. I'm lively and cheerful, sincere and well-conducted, tender and sensitive, womanly and romantic, sexy and temperamental. I'm eager to love and to be loved. I'd like to meet a man aged 25--50 years for marriage.

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