Galina Kassiuk


43� (1999)


132 lbs� 60kg


5 6� 1.67m


Higher medical education

My name is Galina. I am 43, and a specialist in dermatology. I love my work, but it's not the only one thing I love. My other interests are reading travelling, nature (especially coastal), pets (I've ,dog a cat) and housekeeping.

I am, communicative tactful, easy to get along with, very careful, and have a sense of humour. My star sign is Cancer and it helps understanding me better.

My 21-year-old son is a student of Law.

I do hope to meet a man who is cultured and educated, aged 45-60 years, who is understanding, kind hearted and reliable. I'm willing to be on friendly terms with his children.

This is how I look like black-haired (I am a Ukrainian), dark-brown eyes and womanly. Hope to hear from you soon and get your photo too.

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