Marina Ganicheva


19�� (01.01.1980)


101 lbs� 46kg


5 1� 1.553m

Marital status:





Distant learning student of Moscow State Academy of Law
I have blonde hair and grey eyes. My belief is Christian.

Currently I work as a computer operator. I have a good knowledge of English. I enjoy reading, music of many styles, playing the piano, hiking, cinema, cooking pizza and unusual foods, concerts of classical music, theatre and studying foreign language. Noise, cold and smoke I hate but like history and culture of many countries, journeys, but would like to have home on the same place. Like to socialise with people but prefer to have few good friends. I like to spend evening in family circle with a cup of tea. Enjoy refined English humour (favourite author is P. G. Wodehouse), good meat and spices, scent of cuisine and perfume, thrillers with happy-endings. I'm steady and calm.
I hope to find a man 25--30 yo, the weight proportionate to height (5'3"--6'), having a life experience, without prejudices, but with traditional views on family and marriage, who enjoys reading, with sense of humour, who can spice life with adventures, loving a healthy style of life, pragmatic with romantic vein and educated.

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