Elena Kovaleva


23� (1976)


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Student Teacher's Training Institute

Hello! My name is Lena. (22nd of August, 1976) I'm Russian and am the student of the 4th course of the Teacher's Training Institute. I have chosen this profession, because I like children very much. They are so sweet and funny, although sometimes naughty, of course. I like travelling, happy occasions and any unexpected changes taking place in my life. I have a lot of friends, I love them and believe them. I think, friendship is one of the most important things in the world. I don't like liars and never lie to my friends. I'm an optimist and believe that "everything will be all right". The main characteristics of mine: happy, merry, kind.
I like to read, especially humorous stories by Russian and foreign writers. I play the piano quite satisfactory, often visit the gym. I love wild nature and enjoy going to the country for a weekend.
But the most important thing for me is my family - father, mother, sister, future husband and children. I was brought up in the wonderful family, where everybody loves and respects each other, and I want my future family to be of that kind. I like cooking very much, a lot of time I spend making salads, soups, different dishes from meat, fish and vegetables, baking biscuits and fruit pies. There's a Russian proverb "The way to man's heart lies through his stomach". For me it is a great pleasure to see that people enjoy the delicious things I have made. I don't smoke, because it is not good for my health and the health of my future children, but I can enjoy a glass of good wine on special occasions with my friends or my family.
At the present time I'm studying Russian in the teacher's training Institute, and I have no time to learn a foreign language. I know Deutsche, just a little. Could you answer me in Russian, or in simple Dutch if possible.
Thank you in advance, sincerely yours, Lena.

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