Galina Kosyk


20� (1999)


140 lbs� 64kg


5 9� 1.75m

Marital status:


I'm 20 years old, 175 cm tall and weigh 64 kg and measure 99-70-98. I've got green eyes, and now my hair is red and work in a shop.

I have got a secondary education and have finished art school and admire the modern painting. I go in for track-and-field running, and adore dancing and music. I read a lot, mostly the historical novels, write poems and stories, but this is rather my hobby only. I am fond of cooking and sewing. I am sociable and enjoy hiking. Having a hot temper I can forgive little offences.

I love children and I am serious about the motherhood, and will do everything for my darling. I am jealous and this may be explained by my birthsign - Leo. My love for nature and animals is great. Being optimistic I estimate the life in all its manifestations. I believe that a real man is the person who can convince me that I am the only he needs.

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