Oksana Basiuk


35� (1999)


130 lbs� 59kg


5 5� 1.64m

Marital status:



Son� 14 y.o.


Higher education

I'm a nice and slender woman with hazel eyes and blond hair.

I've got the highest education and teach algebra at the secondary school.

It is said that I have a good character and good taste. I add that I am
intelligent, easy-going, faithful, and like creative humour, romance and home comfort. And I am an optimist.

My hobbies include reading, travelling, nature, house keeping, and music.

I am ready to unite my interests, my life with a dear soul in order to live in a common harmony.

My dream is to meet a man who is clever gentle and with a good social standing, who will love and value me, and thereupon I name him as my destiny, my husband.

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