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Olena Tsiganenko
I am a Ukrainian citizen, born on 12 August 1976.
I am now working as a secretary, and I am also doing a university correspondence course (this is my 5th year) where I am studying management and marketing.
My height is 170 cm, and my weight is 52 kg.
and my measurements are 85cm (chest), 65cm (waist), 93(hips). My eyes are grey, my hair is black, medium length.
My health is good, I do not smoke, and drink very lightly socially only, and I do not do drugs.
I can read English fairly well if I use a dictionary.
My religion is Christianity (non-denominational), so I sometimes go to churches.
I am divorced. I have a beautiful, healthy daughter, who is 3 years old.
My favourite colours are white, red and black.
I have a pet (white cat), and I love dogs.
My favourite sports are volleyball, tennis, swimming (I certainly would love to enjoy many more sports if I have such an opportunity).
I love many kinds of music: pop, disco, rock (but not heavy metal or the like), classical music.
My nature is charming, romantic, very gentle and generous, I rarely get angry (because I do not want to hurt anyone). I am kind, helpful and friendly even to people I meet for the first time. I am always honest, trusting and very responsible. I appreciate beauty and enjoy Nature very much. Maybe, I am just a simple girl who can enjoy simple things in life, - but it seems we sometimes forget to enjoy even these apparently simple things to the fullest, and we sometimes forget that even one gentle and candid word or loving look can change your soul and destiny.
And I would like to meet and marry a man of up to 45 years old, who has a kind and generous heart, who can love and is really longing to find his true love.� I am not looking for a film star or a millionaire (of course, this man should try to look tidy and stay fit and healthy, and be able to support a family, to give his children good education too). He should be faithful and responsible, patient and family-minded, he should not be a smoker or a drunkard. You may
smile, "Isn't that already asking for a lot?"

�� Sincerely,

������ Olena

Dec 1998

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