Svetlana Golovina


31� (1967)


147 lbs� 67kg


5 9� 1.76m

Marital status:



Son� 9 y.o.


Higher education

My name is Svetlana, I was born in Saint-Petersburg on 4th November 1967, now I am 31 years old. I had been married. I have a son, he is 9 years old.
I am tall, and have light hair, brown eyes and look eye-catching. I am Scorpio. I am very energetic and active person. As to the character, I am very communicative and easy going, have sense of humour. I can forgive others and understand their drawbacks, though I cannot afford to be weak in my own life. Sometime I am strict, but always unbiased. I am very faithful and can never make meanness. In my soul I am very romantic and magic nature. I believe, a woman should be magic. I am spoiled to some extent, I like order and cosiness at home.
I would like to meet a man, preferably English speaking. He should be not
less then 176cm tall, attractive, 35-45 years old. He should be finished as
a person. In men I appreciate confidence, resoluteness, reliability,
kindness, honesty and sense of humour.
My hobbies are my house, travel and the art of hairdressing.
If somebody is interested write to me please,
I can't speak English freely, for now I can use English only with a dictionary.

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