Andrei Anikhanov has been the Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the St.Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra from 1991-96.

Many masterpieces by Western and Russian composers - from Bach and Vivaldi to Honegger and Hindemith, from Glinka and Tchaikovski to Stravinski and Shostakovich are performed by the St.Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra. At modern music festivals Andrei Anikhanov conducted new opuses from St.Petersburg composers Bancshikov, Desyatnikov, Vorobyev and Panchenko.
Over 20 CD's have been produced in the late 1990's, with Andrei Anikhanov conducting the St.Petersburg State Orchestra's performances. These works include all the symphonies and overtures by Tchaikovski; symphony works by Rimski-Korsakov; Khatchaturian's ballets; piano concertos by Tchaikovski, Rakhmaninov and List.
The St.Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra has completed successful tours in Korea (1992), Finland (1993) and Italy (1995).

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