� Andrei Anikhanov, with the St.Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra, initiated several new cultural projects and musical festivals in the city, including Christmas Charity Concerts and the St.Petersburg Musical Aquaintances. He became the first Russian to conduct a number of Britten's works during the English Music in St.Petersburg Festival.

� For several years he has headed the St.Petersburg Easter Festival - a large cultural project uniting masterpieces of spiritual and classical music in its program.

� In recognition of his outstanding talent, he has twice been presented with the St.Petersburg Lord Mayor's Award for Literature and Arts. In 1993 for musical direction of Peter the First by Andrei Petrov at the Mussorgski Opera and Ballet Theatre, and in 1995 for the musical and artistic direction of the St.Petersburg Easter Festival.

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Russialink - pages relating to� St.Petersburg.�� Romance.� Visas and Travel. � Charity work in the hospitals and orphanages.

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Howard's homepages. Amateur radio, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and charity work.

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kickin 4 kidz

Charitable Aid Society, providing medical and other aid to the St.Petersburg Regional Children's Hospital, Russia.



Radio Amateur Relief Expeditions. Registered Charity, providing aid, education and radio communications in Romania and Slovakia. Also Emergency radio communications in disaster areas world-wide.

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