Romanian general elections set to take place in November 2000, Ion Iliescu set to return to power.


DMs well received in children's home.


BSE/CJD crisis affects project


RARE in need of Treasurer


New project planned for school in town hit by floods.


New appeal launched

During the Spring trip to Romania, we were approached by a School in the town of Simian, Romania,? which was severely damaged during the floods which occurred in 1998, when the Danube burst its banks.? The town was one of the worse hit areas in the region.? The School is in a dreadful state with most of the desks and chairs over 20 years old and falling to bits.? When we visited the school we were amazed that it continued to function in such a poor state.? This is only due to the devotion of Staff and Pupils.? Of the many schools that RARE have helped over the years, this is by far the worse we have seen to date.? Starting in October we hope to build new steel framed desks, each desk will cost around 20 pounds to build and we will use local labour and materials.? There are 20 Classrooms and we ideally would like to equip at least five during this next trip with ten new desks each.? If you can support this project in anyway please do.? Photos of this school can be seen above.? Our thanks go out to Irthlingborough Churches together whose Harvest Appeal was to support RARE in this project.

Dr Martins donation

area, Sir Max Griggs OBE, the? Air Wear and Dr Martins tycoon made a most generous offer. Within a few days of the appeal being launched, Sir Max (who is also the Chairman of Rushden and Diamonds football club) had generously pledged over 2,000 pairs of Dr Martin shoes and boots! The first consignment of 600 pairs was delivered just before Christmas last year and the CPU were absolutely overwhelmed with the donation. In April another 500 pairs were delivered to the CPU and also a pair of boots was given to every employee of the Countys Ambulance service, the poorest in the Country. In a few weeks another 200 pairs will? be donated? to poorer

families in the town of Orsova, a Naval town on the the Danube which has been badly affected by the Nato trade embargo imposed on Serbia. Needy families will receive the boots and shoes via the local Church and in co-operation with the Mayors Office. The Council of Management would like to convey its thanks to Sir Max for this wonderful, generous donation.

Welcome to the latest RARE NEWS which is intended to keep our many supporters and sponsors, old and new, up to date with what's happening within RARE and give up to date information about our projects.

Just prior to leaving for Romania last December we received a call from the Child Protection Unit in Turnu Severin pleading for boots and shoes. The CPU is now responsible for all of the orphanages and children's homes throughout Mehedinti county in South-west Romania, including the orphanage that RARE have supported since 1993. Geta Aprotesoare, Director of the CPU told how there was a desperate shortage of winter footwear for the older children and teenagers in its care Soon after we appealed to various footwear companies? in? the? Northamptonshire

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