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Baby food project on hold due to BSE

Due to new Europe-wide regulations on the import of dairy products manufactured in the UK, it has proved virtually impossible to continue with this project. The last delivery of baby milk took several weeks to clear Customs and health checks. Although this is a big disappointment for RARE, we still continue to support Turnu Severin orphanage in other ways. We can also be proud that over 7,000 Kilos of baby milk powder has been supplied since this project started in 1997. Thank you to all those who supported this project, and thank you also to SMA and Cow & Gate for all their


assistance. There are many ways in which we will continue to support the orphanage. The Mothers Union of St. Peter's Church, Irthlingborough are still producing knitted blankets and clothes in large quantities as they have for the past four years. Also we need to ensure that a good supply of disinfectant and bleach is supplied

as even this is out of
reach of the orphanages
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Morega family finally move into new house

When RARE started work on the Morega family house in May 1998, we had no idea it would take so long. The project was plagued with problems, first we had a major subsidence in the original building structure, then we had problems with the speed of which the local builder worked and all this compounded with increasing prices. But despite all this I am pleased to inform supporters of this project that in April of this year I saw the family move into their new abode. Now Mrs Morega, a widow, and nine of her children have two extra rooms built from stone. Two extra rooms may not sound much, but compared with the single cramped room they shared before it has made a vast improvement to their standard of life. The building work cost just over 2000 pounds. I can also tell you that they are now raising a pig in their back yard! This would have been an unthinkable possibility when we first started to assist the family back in 1998. Also thanks to a donation, enough flour was purchased in April to keep them self sufficient in bread for several months. We hope to purchase further supplies of flour next month which will see them right through the Winter. The flour costs around 5 pound (7.5 USD) per 50 kilo sack.


General election for Romania set for November

This winter will bring another election for Romania.? It has been a long four years for President Constantinescu and inflation has soared.? The conditions in Romania are as tough as ever, most public servants such as Doctors, Teachers, Police have not received full salaries for months.? In August there was a national strike by teachers protesting about salaries owed, and in April, in Turnu Severin, the ambulance service had no fuel to run emergency vehicles. ? The general feeling in Romania, as shown by the last round of local elections, is that people have given up on the existing ruling party.? President Ion Iliescu (Ceasescus right hand man) is tipped to be voted back into power.? This is a sure sign of the nations disappointment and desperation of an ever worsening situation.

Council member vacancy

RARE is in need of a Treasurer.? The work is minimal and only a very basic knowledge of knowledge of bookeeping is required. Can you help?

If so contact the Chairman, Howard Ketley
 or Email:

We Need YOUR Help!

Some Facts About Finance :-
(Prices in pounds sterling)

Ferry 200 (with concession); Fuel 350+; Visas 20 per person; Toll roads 40; Bleach 1 per 10 Litres; UV Mosquito killer 80; Baby Grow 3; Green Card 20+; this list could go on and on, there are many other incidentals such as accommodation, tyres, vehicle breakdown which can prove very costly, phone calls prior to trip, etc etc.?

All these things cost money! Please consider making a donation towards our work. If you desire you can stipulate what your money is spent on, i.e. fuel or bleach etc.? Maybe you could hold a fundraising event for us? Please help us to help others, thank you. If you would like to make a donation then please send your Cheque payable to R.A.R.E.

Shane Hogarth
c/o 34 High St,
Northants. NN9 5TN

or Email :

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