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rr2a.gif (79 bytes) We are well aware of the seemingly endless obstacles that are
our plan encountered in shipping, distributing and giving any aid within
rr2a.gif (79 bytes) Russia and the Former Soviet Union. We are told of the Mafia, the
the program Customs, the Police and even the Government all having different
rr2a.gif (79 bytes) levels of corruption. Our programs are designed to use honest
how to help people, people we know and who have earned our trust, and
rr2a.gif (79 bytes) whenever possible even have the media on the spot at each
how to donate event.? We must set an example on how it can be effective, and
rr2a.gif (79 bytes) show the problems facing the Russian children in everyday life
and of our efforts to help them.
rr2a.gif (79 bytes) Today we are just beginning. We hope to be able to grow steadily
wall of fame so that enough essentials can be bought and delivered to make a
rr2a.gif (79 bytes) difference for many children.
home We co-operate with other relief organizations such as the
rr2a.gif (79 bytes) Salvation Army and even Alcoholics Anon.
Check this web site frequently.
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Russian Relief .

? was registered? in the State of Nevada, USA, as a non-profit charitable organisation October 1998
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Russian Relief January 2001 update