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rr2a.gif (79 bytes) To purchase and deliver as much food, medicines and other basic necessities as possible from our resources with very little overheads and middlemen.

We have the contacts and resources in St. Petersburg now to make this a reality.

The seed of this relief effort began from sharing our interests with our friends, partners and soul-mates in Russia and the Former Soviet Union.

Our relief aim is to help children -
Children's hospital, orphanages, shelters, single mothers and broken homes - because they deserve it. Also to work with other relief organisations in St.Petersburg, sharing resources.? Visit the Charities in St.Petersburg pages.

Publicity of our effort and their needs is also a major concern.

The secondary aim of this is to develop awareness of our activities and the need for additional relief efforts.

We hope this approach will enlighten people to the depth of the situation and our commitment to help.

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Russian Relief .

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