����� first in Russia


� new paediatric advanced life
�� support training centre opened
� with your help

��� Dr.Mikhail Ivaneev, (left) Head of� Intensive Care for the
��� St.Petersburg region, with Petteri Makela, of Laerdal Oy's
��� Helsinki office, who supplied the baby and child mannequins.

Barry Fairbrother, a British Consultant Surgeon, raised over 3000 pounds for the children's hospital in St.Petersburg with a sponspored cycle ride.
This money was used to set up a specialised training centre (the first in Russia) for advanced life support systems and is now being used to train paediatricians in advanced life support techniques.

A dedicated 'classroom' has been made available, and instruction will be given to� the regional hospitals staff, either in the classroom, or at the various hospitals.
This donation will help to save the lives of babies and children in the future, by allowing the paediatricians to learn modern techniques, and be aware of various simulated problems.

If you would like to help to support this hospital, and its future work, donations and contributions will always be accepted to help to give the children in Russia a better future.

Your kindness and generosity helps us to help the children.

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