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Applying for a visa to Russia may appear complicated, but RussianVisas supply the invitations and advice needed for you to easily obtain your visa to Russia.

This information is appropriate for most Russian Embassies and Consulates.

To apply for a Russian Visa submit the following to either
The Embassy of the Russian Federation or the
Consulate General of the Russian Federation:

  • completed Visa Application Form from the Embassy, some Embassies now have an on-line form.

  • passport photograph (in some countries 3 may be required)

  • the Consular fee (cash, postal order or� money order only. NO CHECKS)

  • passport (must be valid for minimum of 6 months after leaving Russia or the visa expires)

  • prepaid self-addressed envelope, using secure postal method

  • and one of the following official invitations for the appropriate visa

    • Private invitation (Izveshenie)
      Period of validity stated by OVIR/PVD
      Issued to your friends in Russia by the OVIR/PVD.�
      This must be the original document, not a fax or photocopy.

    • Tourist invitation
      Maximum period of 29 days.
      Issued by a registered company.
      You require both the official confirmation and�a hotel voucher� bearing the reference number of the Ministry�of Foreign Affairs and the company.
      This may be faxed to you from a registered organization�in Russia, but some Embassies may require the original documents from Russia. Check with the Embassy you will be applying to. �Hotel vouchers alone are not acceptable.

    • Business invitation
      3 month double-entry; 6 or 12 month multi-entry.
      A business or organization, registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can issue the invitation processed by the MofFA, with the official reference number* on it.
      Most Embassies require the original, but there are a few which will accept a TELEX from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia.

    • Transit visas
      Maximum period 72 hours.
      An invitation is not required, but a copy of the onward travel tickets, and a valid visa�
      (if needed) for the country of entry and exit from Russia is required.�

  • Card of Insurance
    The regulations require that citizens from most EU, Shengen States, Estonia, Finland or Israel must send details of their Insurance with their visa application.�
    Check the exact requirements with the Russian Embassy you will be applying to.

If you are a citizen of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Finland or Israel, failure to provide correct details of your insurance cover could lead to the refusal of your visa.

  • American citizens generally have to complete a revised FORM95, check with the Consular Department where you are applying.

*� The reference number for the tourist and business visa invitation supports the information given to the Consular
��� Department where appropriate.
You must have an official invitation in order to apply for a visa.
NEED AN INVITATION?� see Tourist and Business Visa Support page.
Visa Consular fees
**� Please check with the Russian Consular office that you will be using for the current fees.
There may be also be an extra Consular fee for citizens of other nationalities not applying in their own country