Radio Amateur Relief Expeditions
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Working with local Romanian authorities, humanitarian and medical aid and support is maintained with an orphanage, children's hospital and recently an 'adopted family'.

A summer school has been run, teaching the children art, drama, technology, English and amateur radio and computing skills.


Also the Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital in Turnu Severin has suffered from years of neglect and earthquake damage and needs constant help, especially batteries for hearing aids which are supplied to them.

The orphanage urgently requires an on-going
supply of powdered baby milk, and electronic
fly and mosquito killers. Basic medical supplies,
disposable medical items, disinfectant, bleach
and other items are urgently needed.

The ambulance service has no efficient radio communication network, and each year we
equip more ambulances and local hospitals
with 2-way radios, building up a vital network.

Aid is constantly being sent out; and also as part
of, or with other aid convoys.




This country has requested help, and after a fact finding mission, but due to the unrest there at the moment, the initial aid programme has been delayed.


A summer camp in Banska Bystrica was run for disabled young people, teaching them English, technology, art and drama.


Although some aid has been provided, we are very limited with resources, but will provide aid whenever possible. Follow links to kickin 4 kidz or Russian Relief


Radio Amateurs are able to go in to disaster areas, to set up radio communications within the area, and to the outside world, enabling the authorities to co-ordinate relief work. In most cases the first pieces of information and news from the area is provided by radio amateurs...........


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