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Collars, Bracelets and Anklets

Neck Collar� Model No. NC /100

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A range of stainless steel locking neck collars, polished to a mirror finish and fully lined with neoprene. They are practical and secure, incorporating a unique locking system. No hinges are used so a smooth outline is achieved. Made to measure in a range of widths, and can be fitted with D�-�Rings.

Supplied with 2 lock keys, one pin key and a spare locking pin.

Bracelets and Anklets

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A superb range of slave-style fetish jewellery, precision engineered and hand crafted in high-grade stainless steel, incorporating integral hinges and a very effective and discreet locking system. All edges and surfaces are polished, the exterior being polished to a mirror finish, very suitable for engraving.

The range comprises bracelets, collars and anklets manufactured to a standard width of 1.25 inches, and the locking system, although very secure, is discreet and undetectable in use.�

Formed from stainless steel in an elegant oval shape, the bracelet fits neatly on the wrist, while the collars and anklets are circular. They are quite substantial, but light in weight.

Note bracelets and anklets in this range have no means of attachment, and should not be confused with manacles.

Supplied with 2 keys and 2 spare locking pins

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