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Anti-rape Devices and Chastity Belts for Males

Male Chastity Belt � Model No: MB /100

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Designed for males, it uses the same waistband, locking system and follows the same configuration as the female version. The main difference, apart from certain dimensions, is in the design of the crotch guard, which incorporates a penis sheath. This is a separate component into which the penis is inserted, it is then engaged internally into the crotch guard, which is then locked to the waistband. The sheath is adjusted to its correct position externally and then secured with a second locking system. In this design the penis is held pointing downwards and backwards between the legs, which prevents an erection but allows the wearer to urinate without any problem - except that he has to sit like a female. Once the sheath is locked into position the penis cannot be handled. The belt is 100% effective in preventing intercourse. Both locks on this belt are keyed alike unless specifically requested otherwise.

Approximate weight: 2lb 8oz (1.1 Kg)
Supplied with 2 keys

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