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Chaperon Body Armour
Anti-rape devices and chastity belts for females

FB/100 Belt Set

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This is the basic female model, following a traditional style consisting of a waist band with an attached crotch guard which is closed and locked at the centre of the waist. Manufactured from 1.25" wide stainless steel, it is flexible enough to allow it to be sprung open or closed without the need for hinges, resulting in a very smooth profile. Tollyboy's locking system secures the waist band and crotch guard in one smooth joint, ensuring that the crotch guard remains vertical without any side to side swivel (a weakness in many designs).

The crotch guard is shaped and contoured to fit the genital area and stops just short of the anus, where it terminates in two flat-section chrome steel chains. To permit defecation these form a 'Y' configuration� going over the buttocks to the waist band, where they are riveted. The labia lips protrude through a narrow longitudinal slot, stopping penetration with anything of a useful diameter. No matter what bodily contortions are indulged in, the guard will remain firmly in place! The appliance is designed to prevent sexual intercourse and to this end it is 100% effective.

Approximate weight: 2lb 2oz (1.0 Kg)
Supplied with one original and one duplicate key

FB/200 Belt Set

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This appliance uses the same waist band and crotch guard as the FB/100 but does not terminate in the twin chain 'Y' configuration. The guard is secured to the waist band at the rear by means of a solid stainless steel strap which is a snug fit between the buttocks. The anus as well as the vagina is protected and made inaccessible providing full protection. The appliance allows for urination only and does not facilitate defecation, the maximum period of wear is therefore limited to the period between bowel movements.

Approximate weight: 1lb 10oz (0.73 Kg)
Supplied with one original and one duplicate key

FGA/200 Belt Set

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Similar to the FB/200, it offers full protection, with one important difference - while it prevents access to the anus it permits defecation to take place. Like the FB/200 it is equipped with a single back strap that goes down from the waist, between the buttocks to join the crotch guard. The back strap is in the form of a round section stainless steel cable shaped to the body and curved to follow the contour up between the buttocks. The cable is hardened, tempered and plastic coated, although it is rigid the appliance still retains flexibility where it matters. Due to its small diameter and plastic coating, the cable offers minimum obstruction to the passing of faeces, being soft they simply break up. Keeping the cable clean is a relatively easy task and maintaining hygiene is not a problem, however the use of a bidet is highly recommended but not essential. The cable will of course bar entry to the anus, no matter what position the wearer might adopt.

The FGA/200 offers a number of advantages, lack of back straps passing over the buttocks presents a lower profile, so that the outline is virtually invisible under close fitting apparel. It is lighter in weight, and in some situations easier to wear than other appliances. It has been subjected to long periods of wear and found to be completely effective and practical, however it is not suitable in every case because of individual anatomy. Note due to the precise shaping, the FGA/200 must be measured and fitted by Tollyboy Products International.

Approximate weight: 1lb 5oz (0.59 Kg)
Supplied with one original and one duplicate key

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