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Tollyboy Products International, on the 25th September 1999 after 12 months negotiation, ownership of "everything to manufacture, administer and distribute the Tollyboy range of products, with the specific exception of the computer and document shredder" was transferred to a third party investor in this business, and through him made available to me.

Note that I did not take over ownership of the former businesses known variously as Blake Systems, Blake Systems Sheffield, Tollyboy division of Blake Systems, Department J, or more correctly as John Harold Higginbottom trading as Blake Systems, or responsibility for any of its debts. I

Anyone owed money or goods by any of the above companies for Tollyboy products prior to 25th September 1999 for any reason should contact the administrator of the estate of the late Mr. John Harold Higginbottom.��������


Mrs. B.E. Higginbottom
100 Longcroft Road
Dronfield Woodhouse
S18 8XY
Phone / Fax

In good faith I have honoured 10,000 GBP worth of fully or partly paid back orders sent to John Harold Higginbottom, and the time for doing this is now at an end.� This has over the last 18 months, meant that I have had to delay the opportunity for increasing the business. It has cost me dearly in time and materials instead of spending time on production for new orders, and developing new products. I became committed to investing 50,000 GBP in materials, equipment and time to maintain and build upon the good name of the Tollyboy brand, and any further back order claims must now be made to the administrator of the estate.

Any correspondence sent to me will be forwarded to the administrator. As far as I am aware this estate has never been formally wound up and Blake Systems is at least technically still trading under the administration of Mrs. B.E. Higginbottom and is responsible for its own debts.


Tollyboy Products International

20 March 2000

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