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Male Chastity Belt Accessories

Thigh Bands Model No. TB /100

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Manufactured from 1.25" wide stainless steel, lined with neoprene, permanently connected to either side of the waist band by flat-section chains, and linked together between the thighs.� The thigh link can be either permanent with two short chains, or a removable and adjustable chain loop, varying the amount that the thighs can be opened.

The bands can also serve to prevent underwear from being removed or the wearing of trousers etc.

Must be fitted at the � manufacturing stage.

Locking Bar Model No. LB /100

A bar designed to pass through the D-Rings on a set of thigh bands. Secured with a padlock it prevents the legs being opened more than 0.5 inches. An extremely restrictive device used with thigh bands to render the wearer virtually immobile. Suitable for use on all belts fitted with thigh bands.

Supplied with padlock and 2 keys

Nylon Plug Model No. NP /100

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Solid nylon anal dildo with securing ring. The plug is inserted, and the crotch chain is passed through its securing ring and locked to the waist belt, making it impossible for the wearer to remove. The dildos are available in a wide range of sizes, both plain and ribbed.

T-bar Set� Model No. TBS /100

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Chrome steel chain with T-bar termination and small lock, used in conjunction with NP/100 dildo. Most waist bands are equipped with a centre back D-ring to facilitate the securing of� a dildo. The T-Bar set is made to measure.

Supplied with 2 keys

T-bar Chain� Model No. TBC /100

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28 inch long chrome steel chain with a T-bar termination, generally intended for tethering purposes.

Supplied with 2 keys

D-Rings� Model No. DR /100

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Extra D-rings can be fitted to most appliances.

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